Consider a Legal Check Up for Your San Diego Business

At one time or another, every San Diego business owner questions how well their business is protected from risk, liabilities and infringement. Should they incorporate, form an LLC or partnership? Does the current business entity offer the best tax advantages? Are their personal assets protected? What are their rights and obligations under leases and contracts? Are key contracts enforceable should there be a dispute? Can existing contracts be improved? Are trademarks, logos and business names protected from infringement? Could they be infringing on others’ trademarks? Is there any legal exposure to the company from its website and blog? Is insurance adequate? Do insurance policies meet regulatory requirements for the business or meet the minimum standards agreed to in a lease agreement? Is the company in compliance with government regulations pertaining to employees? Do they need to consult an attorney? The list is as long as businesses are prolific. For most new and growing businesses, addressing every potential legal issue is cost prohibitive. However, an attorney evaluation summarizing and assessing areas of concern is within reach for most businesses. Once an assessment is provided, business owners can better prioritize and plan for the future.


Virtually every car owner at one time or another has taken their car in for service. Most often, the service includes a check up of every major component of your car. Brakes, fluid levels, suspension, tires and electronics are all examined and in the end you are provided a list of recommended repairs and maintenance. Some of the suggested repairs stem from visual inspection and others are derived from manufacturers’ mileage triggered recommendations. It’s not uncommon for folks to prioritize perhaps electing to have the front brakes replaced and a tune up performed while putting off the replacement of shocks, hoses, and the water pump. Ultimately, whatever decision the consumer makes regarding actual repairs, the cost of the examination is relatively small and the examination alerts the owner of potential trouble spots.

A business lawyer can perform the same kind of affordable analysis for your business – they can evaluate your business profile from top to bottom, provide an assessment of the current state of affairs, highlight areas of risk and other areas requiring attention and make recommendations regarding priorities. This type of evaluation can generally be performed for a flat fee which would be determined by the size of your business. Once completed, the business owner (like the automobile owner above) can prioritize. Whatever decision the business owner makes, at the very least, he or she has been alerted to potential trouble spots and can plan to address those concerns as time and economics permit.

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